SIS30321 Certificate 3 in Fitness

The role as defined by Fitness Australia for a Certificate III Fitness – Gym Instructor is:

  • Works within predictable settings such as a fitness facility, recreation or community facilities

  • Provides individually tailored client assessments, program development, program demonstration and client reviews

  • Provides supervision of a facility or service (i.e. observing client use of facilities, providing technique correction as needed, keeping equipment clean/tidy/well-maintained, being available for customer inquiries or assistance)

  • Typically reports to a manager but is not always directly supervised during work duties

Professional Scope and Boundaries:

A Registered Exercise Professional as outlined by Fitness Australia with the category of a Gym Instructor and/or Group Exercise Instructor has a scope of practice that includes:

  • Pre-exercise health screening

  • Safety and risk assessment and management

  • Application of first aid to clients where required

  • Fitness assessment and analysis in accordance with knowledge and skill obtained through qualification and/or continuing education

  • Development of safe, effective and appropriate exercise programs tailored to client or group needs

  • Exercise delivery inclusive of demonstrating, instructing, monitoring, reviewing and modifying program content including technique, method and progression

  • Working within professional limitations to provide basic healthy eating information and advice through the application of nationally endorsed nutritional standards and guidelines.

  • Provision of general nationally endorsed public health information that will educate and support positive client health outcomes

This traineeship is designed to give a working knowledge and understanding of the fitness and how to train clients effectively to reach their goals.

This traineeship is aimed to provide skills in order for trainees to work with clients to support and promote their fitness.

  • Gyms

  • Fitness Centres

  • Cross-fit gyms

  • Leisure Centres

  • Health screening of members before they start
  an exercise program

  • Writing exercise programs for members

  • Showing members how to correctly perform exercises

  • Taking people through indoor and outdoor circuits
  • CHCYTH301E – Work effectively with young people

  • SISFFIT011 – Instruct approved community fitness programs

  • SISXCAI003 – Conduct non-instructional sport, fitness or recreation sessions

Fitness Pathways

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