Host a Trainee

Hosting a School-based Trainee is challenging and very rewarding!

For many trainees it is their first paid employment experience – this can be challenging.

U Train’s role is to provide the trainee with some knowledge and understanding on how to approach this experience.


U Train follows this process before taking on a School-based Trainee:


STEP 1. Expression of Interest is completed.

STEP 2. U Train receives the expression of interest and organises an interview at VFA Learning with a parent/guardian.

STEP 3. Once an Interview is booked – students need to bring last semester’s school report, resume, Safe@Work module – General and Industry Specific, and Working With Children Check (Volunteer) – the receipt is fine in lieu of a card. Education Support and Early Childhood Education and Care prospective trainees will also need to complete the Mandatory Reporting e-module.

STEP 4. VFA Learning will conduct Pre-Training Review and Language Literacy and Numeracy quiz.

STEP 5. U Train and VFA Learning will meet to discuss the outcome.

STEP 6. Students and schools will be notified of the outcome.

STEP 7. Letter of Offer will be sent to successful applicants with details for Enrolment.

STEP 8. Enrolment – enrol in course with VFA Learning, pay the fees and complete Training Contract with Sarina Russo.

STEP 9. Induction with U Train will be prior to commencement of training with VFA Learning. Topics covered include: Workplace, Health and Safety, Communication and Organisational Policies and Procedures

STEP 10. Training commences with VFA Learning in the last week in November.


As you can see this is a very rigorous process. U Train makes no apologies for this as we need students who are job ready and are willing to learn, work and follow instructions and processes safely.


On completion of Step 6, U Train approaches organisations to see if they are interested in Hosting a School-based Trainee.


Hosting a School-based Trainee is generally for 12 months, 7 hours each week in the workplace. U Train is the employer and takes on all the responsibilities of an employer.  Ensuring a trainee fits into the team and organisational culture is important and U Train encourages a job interview to ensure this is the case. If all goes well a Host Employer Agreement is signed by all parties – U Train, School-based Trainee and the Host Employer. The trainee is now hosted by your organisation.


The trainees needs to be inducted into your organisation following your procedures and processes. Please keep in mind the school-based Trainees are young and inexperienced. 


The common questions they would like answers to are:

  • What do I wear?
  • What time should I be here?
  • When do I get breaks?
  • Who is my supervisor?
  • Can I have visible jewellery?


Induction is the cornerstone for a successful traineeship. When trainees are confident and comfortable they will perform tasks to a higher standard and meet expectations of their supervisor and organisation. Real Jobs. Real Skills.