Why take on a trainee?

Taking on a School-based Trainee is extremely rewarding. As the business owner you are able to sculpt and mould a young person to gain experience in your workplace. The trainee gains first-hand exposure in an employment capacity to workplace culture with a quality employer over an extended period of time.  They learn how a workplace operates, the many different roles that workers have, and the protocols and procedures that enable a workplace to function efficiently and effectively.


Trainees are of great benefit for a business.  Persons who are appropriately qualified and have had experience in the industry can be supervisors.  For one of your employees to work in a supervisory capacity and have this kind of mentoring experience can be of great benefit to their skill development and give you as the owner of the business a greater insight into their capacity for possible managerial roles. This level of support is particularly valuable for students from disadvantaged financial backgrounds and migrant backgrounds. Working together as part of a team can develop key employability skills for both the mentor and trainee including time management, communication, working independently and self- management.


Working in the industry of choice for the trainee can develop their capacity to self-reflect which in turn builds their self-esteem, self- belief and confidence. Trainees mature very quickly which can be attributed primarily to having the responsibility of paid employment and developing strategies to manage both workplace and study requirements.  For most students their first pay will be a huge milestone and provide trainees with a sense of pride and validation of their efforts significantly contributing to their motivation and career aspirations.


U Train is extremely proud of the work we do in assisting young people progress through a traineeship to gain a nationally recognised qualification. Real Jobs. Real Skills.